stewie griffin

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Stewie GriffinEdit

Stewie's real name is Stewart. Stewie HATES Brian!!! But they have to get along in all the "Road To"- episodes. Stewie kills Lois in "Stewie kills Lois" (heeheehee), and supposively Lois kils Stewie in "Lois kills Stewie" (heeheehee), even though it's really PETER who kills Stewie. Stewie loves Rupert, stewie would even give his life for him and stewie is mostly seen with guns within most family guy episodes.


Rupert's the bear stuffed animal. Not a real character, hloved part of stewies love is a much loved stuffed compaion and friend to him, as well as just bieng a toy.

Rupert's history-

Rupert was torn apart by a vicious dog and got stitched up by Lois

Rupert decided not to watch the bags and wanted to watch the boys instead

Rupert's leg was eaten by Brian, but (UN)luckily he got it back

Rupert got spaghetti face

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